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Follow the journey of a Wisconsin family of 4 who relocated to the Walt Disney World area in July 2011

A place to live


After years of living in rental housing, we have decided that our first choice in housing once we move to Florida is an apartment complex.  We don’t want the responsibility of lawn care, and we have discovered that some apartment complexes do included utilities in the rent.  One thing that has surprised us is that the asking deposit is a lot less than expected: most only require $200-$300.  (Our current security deposit is equal to one month’s rent). Mark is the guru behind our apartment searching.  He has done all the research in finding different apartment complexes, through craigslist postings and internet searches.  We have narrowed our search down to three different apartment complexes, all located in Clermont:

Cagan Crossings

Cagan Crossings is an apartment community located four miles west of Walt Disney World in Clermont.  It offers a “town within a town” setting, including a library, restaurants, and even an old-fashioned ice cream parlor.  Everything is within walking distance of your apartment.  Utlities are not included; however currently they do offer either a flat screen TV or $500 off rent upon move-in.   A washer/dryer is not included but can be rented for $35 per month.

Village at East Lake

The Village at East Lake offers 3 bedroom apartments within walking distance of favorite stores and restaurants.  No utilities are provided here as well, but they do offer move-in specials.   Water and trash was estimated to be approximately $35 per month, which is a pleasant surprise:  we are currently paying $130 per month, and no we do not use an excessive amount of water!    The water rates here in Fond du Lac are outrageous.  Washer and dryers are included in every unit, and the website makes the claim that the laundry rooms for the 3 bedrooms are larger than in most homes.

The Gardens at Citrus Tower

The Gardens at Citrus Tower offer ceramic tiled floors, gourmet kitchens and valet trash Monday-Friday.   Washer and dryers are included in every unit, and their website offers a fun feature where you can virtually place your furniture into their floor plan to make sure everything fits.

All places state that we need to wait until mid-May before submitting an application.  We are waiting to hear back from The Gardens of Citrus Tower, but have talked with the other two property managers.  Both Cagan Crossings and The Village at East Lake do confirm that we will be able to move in early, before August 1.

We would love to hear feedback if you have personal experiences with these complexes, or know of one that we should consider.  We are not totally ruling out renting a home from a private party; we are keeping our options open, but we’re leaning towards one of these three complexes at the moment.

3 thoughts on “A place to live

  1. In all honesty…I would leave Cagan Crossing off your list. I don’t trust the area very much. The other two are in pretty decent neighborhoods…I lived close to both when we first moved here in 2006 in a development called Skyridge Valley. For the price of a 3 bedroom apartment you could probably get a nicer small 3 bedroom home with more square footage nearby for about the same or $100 more a month. Having lived in Clermont since 2006….I have a handle on the area as far as neighborhoods now. The farther down US27 south you go…closer to Haines City and I4…the more congested it gets and the less “safe” IMHO it is.

    • Kelly:

      Thanks so much for the advice! That’s why we love our posts and the help we are getting from our many friends in FL.

      So, now we have narrowed our search down to two apartments.

      Mark and Jen

  2. Great blog guys, keep up the great work!! We hope to rent a home, but if need be, we will rent an apartment. Thanks for the info! 🙂


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