Wishes And Pixie Dust

Follow the journey of a Wisconsin family of 4 who relocated to the Walt Disney World area in July 2011


Paper Tiger

This morning was spent trying to tame the paper tiger.   As we continue packing and preparing for our move, it would be a fair estimate to say at least 15% of our belongings involve paper in some way, shape or form.  This includes but is not limited to kids’ school papers, personal papers, greeting cards, insurance papers, articles from magazines, stacks of magazines, printed emails, and of course, the filing cabinet, the place where papers go when you don’t know what else to do with them.

We are going paperless as much as possible.   We have requested all statements to be received in email format, if supported by the company.  We pay all our bills online, with the exception of the rent check, which must be mailed, and the water bill, because the city does not offer online or even credit card options for payment.   We are trying to minimize the amount of mail that needs to be forwarded from Wisconsin to Clermont.  We have lost mail when moving a few blocks; we can only imagine how much mail would go missing across a few states.

As we sort through the filing cabinet, we are finding that most papers can be disposed of, and very little needs to be kept.   We hope to be able to contain all our papers within a file box, and maintain this once we move.  We will move the file cabinet, as it is already included in the moving inventory, but it will probably be moved into one of the kids’ rooms as a storage place for papers and journals.

One of the interesting aspects of moving long distance, if afforded the luxury of time, is that you are able to decide what is truly important to you, and you discover the things you thought were so important to you, really do not fall into the category of things that matter. One of the truly exciting things about this move is that our possessions will truly be ones that we want to have, and we will indeed be starting over in terms of acquiring furniture. It is very freeing to let go of possessions that only serve to clutter and complicate your life.