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Left Behind

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We were among many of The Relocated Tourist followers who tracked Amy and Craig’s journey from Wisconsin to Florida this past weekend.  We were especially curious, as we will be making that same journey ourselves in 46 days.  Interestingly enough, we feel “left behind”:  it’s hard to believe that we are no longer in the same state as the Petermann’s. We had good intentions to meet up with their family before they left, even had an outing in mind, but our lives got extremely busy and it just never happened.  I’m sure we will have many opportunities in Florida to reconnect.

46 days.  It seems so long but yet short as there’s a lot to get accomplished before moving day.  On Monday we hope to go room to room and make a checklist of what needs to be accomplished yet before we move.  We do have a lot of boxes packed; right now we are waiting on our Mayflower rep to bring us some more boxes.  We won 2 tickets to Country USA which we need to pick up at the Festival Foods in Darboy, and at the same time we will meet up with two people from Craigslist which will give us another $45 to stuff in the pig.

Nick just came in and we had one of our late night chats, talking about the move and what he is taking with him and/or needs to buy yet for his apartment.  I am sure going to miss that when we move.  😦  (For those new to our blog, our oldest son Nick is not moving to Florida with us.)  I’ll be honest, it’s hard to leave a family member behind; even if that member is a capable, responsible adult.  He’ll always be my little boy, and yes, I need to let the mama strings go sometime, but it’s still never easy.    He has a good head on his shoulders, a good plan in place, and I am proud to call him my son.

We hope to blog more regularly as our moving date moves closer.  Please friend us on Facebook (Mark Vitek, Jen Vitek) and follow us on Twitter (FondyMark, jvitek).  When we leave on July 22, we will post our moving updates on our personal accounts using Facebook and Twitter.   We’re hoping to get a lot of pictures along the way (whoever is not driving!), and our intent is to find a place to stop in Tennessee to get some great photos of the mountains.  When we drove to Disney in 2009, we were absolutely awestruck by their beauty.  (Ok, remember we are from mountain-less Wisconsin!)

We are excited to continue our Florida adventure and keep you posted as we move closer to our dream!

~Jen & Mark


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