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It’s The Little Things


Summer in Wisconsin can be described as fickle.  At any given point you can be sweltering in 105 degree temperatures, or needing to bring sweatshirts, jackets and fleece blankets to soccer games.  Today was a sweatshirt day, though thankfully Catie plays soccer on Monday nights, so we were at least spared the indignity of hauling along gear to brave the elements.

One thing we’ve noticed about Wisconsin since we’ve made the decision to move, is that people who live here like to complain about the weather.  And we’re no exception.   It probably has to do with the fact that Wisconsin weather is less than desirable (was actually thinking of a different word to use here but we like to keep this blog family friendly).   When asked why we are relocating to Florida, all we have to say is two words:  “Wisconsin winters”, and immediately everyone understands.   We realize some of our readers may not understand, and think, “well how bad can it be?”  Until you’ve experienced four to five feet high snowdrifts (and those are just the ones at the end of your driveway courtesy of the snowplow), or driving in blizzard conditions, or having to leave the house when the wind chill is thirty below zero in the morning to take the kids to school, well, you get the picture.

But by surviving a Wisconsin winter, you have earned the right to call yourself a Wisconsinite, whether that is a title you want or not is irrelevant.  🙂  You may now laugh among yourselves when the southern cities on the news shut down over an inch of snow. (No offense meant to our southern readers; it’s a Wisconsin thing, we have to find some way to amuse ourselves in the dead of winter).

This blog post does have a point outside of rambling on about the weather.   We’ve reached the point in our move where we like to have everything in its place, and no surprise phone calls letting us know the apartment we were told was ours is no longer ours because the people who live there have decided to renew their lease.    Augh!  Really?

The good news is that there currently are three other apartments available, but the building they wish to put us in is completely opposite where we were originally supposed to be.  The thing is, we really liked the location of our first apartment.  One of the available apartments is located across the street from this one, and is the one we’d like to move into, but they are hesitant on that because they don’t want to leave it vacant for a month until we arrive.  We were asked if we could move up our move-in date.  As much as we would absolutely love to do that, Mark has work commitments, we don’t know if we’d be able to alter the date for the moving company, and we’d still be responsible for July rent on our current home, and all these factors combined just make it an impossible occurrence.

We are waiting to hear back to see if they will give us the apartment we want.   We believe that it shouldn’t matter, because either way whatever apartment we choose will be empty for a month until we arrive.  We’re thankful that we have not yet set up utilities or cable, though we have given out our new address to friends and the school in Clermont, so that will be a minor inconvenience to have to deal with.

We want to thank all of you who showed an outpouring of love to us, either on FB or privately, when we made the post this afternoon on our Facebook account.   We truly appreciate the support and friendship you showed us, and we apologize if we made it seem like we lost the apartment. We’re kind of stressed out at the moment–all the little details seem to be sneaking up on us and the last thing we needed was a change in living arrangements.  As you know, The Princess and The Frog is one of our favorite Disney movies, and when Prince Naveen says, “If you are going to let every little thing bother you, it is going to be a very long night”, it’s kind of where we are right now.  We’re down to 36 days, and we’re trying not to let the little things get to us.

Thanks for spreading the pixie dust and sunshine to us 🙂

3 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

  1. I imagine it does get a little stressful toward the last stretch of time before the big move… but in the end it won’t matter because you will be living your dream…and remember you have friends wishing the best & praying for you guys!~ thanks again for sharing your thoughts & all the stuff that goes along with a relocation….♥

  2. it’s so fun to see your day counter in the 30s… this must be a stressful glitch, but we’re all rooting for you and can’t wait to read when you come out on the other side :)!

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