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Follow the journey of a Wisconsin family of 4 who relocated to the Walt Disney World area in July 2011

How Y’all Doing?

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We took a break today from visiting the Parks and worked on the getting the office area set up, and also assembled a bookcase for Ben’s room.  One important consideration to remember if you plan on discarding your furniture is that you don’t have to replace every single piece right away:  focus on what’s important to you to have right away, budget that amount, and then gradually incorporate the rest in the following months.   We are still waiting on our security deposit from our previous landlord and another check due to us, and then we are looking forward to adding more items, but in the meantime we make do.   The important thing is not having a fully furnished house; the important thing is that we are here.   🙂

We have found the furniture stores to be very reasonable.  Two furniture stores in Clermont that we were pleasantly surprised with were Clermont Furniture and Badcock Furniture.  The offerings resemble what we would find back in Wisconsin, but without the huge mark-up in prices.  If you looking to relocate to the Florida area and need an estimation of furniture prices for your budget, we would be more than happy to help you out:  just ask.

We are doing very well!  Tonight we plan to eat an early dinner at home and go to Disney Quest at Downtown Disney, and visit the World of Disney store as well.  We haven’t heard overwhelming positive reviews of Disney Quest overall but who knows?  It may surprise us 🙂

We have blogs in the work regarding our experiences with getting our driver’s license and car plates, enrolling our children in school, Disney, and a lengthy post about Clermont:  what we like, how it’s different, and what’s available in the area.  Be sure to check for those in the coming week.  We’ll also write about our experience with Disney Quest and what we thought of it.

Sending pixie dust to all our readers!


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