Wishes And Pixie Dust

Follow the journey of a Wisconsin family of 4 who relocated to the Walt Disney World area in July 2011

Tennessee and Georgia

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Here are the tweets from our third day of travelling.   They are essentially location-based tweets; we were very tired of riding in the car by the end of this day and really looking forward to arriving in Florida the following day.

10:11 A.M.     I’m at Kentucky/Tennessee State Line I-65 in Portland, TN

11:24 A.M.     I’m at Rite-Aid in Murfreesboro, TN  (Searching for postcards)

1:37 P.M.      I’m at Wendy’s in Chattanooga, TN

1:39 P.M.      Trying to find postcards in TN and not being very successful LOL

2:41 P.M.      I’m at Tennessee/Georgia State Line I-75 in East Ridge, TN

4:54 P.M.     I’m at Chevron in Smyrna, GA

6:02 P.M.     About half an hour to Macon GA. So tired of being in the car!

6:59 P.M.      I’m at Applebee’s in Macon, GA

9:59 P.M.      Will reach our hotel in 30 min. Been a long day of traveling.

10:50 P.M.    I’m at Days Inn in Lake Park, GA

10:58 P.M.    Finally made it to our hotel in GA. Only 2 hrs 48 min to go tomorrow morning.

Look for our arrival in Florida in tomorrow’s post, as well as two special posts from each of us celebrating our one year anniversary in the sunshine state!

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