Wishes And Pixie Dust

Follow the journey of a Wisconsin family of 4 who relocated to the Walt Disney World area in July 2011

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2013 Florida School Grades

FL School Grades

The Florida Department of Education released their School Grades for 2013.

You can follow the link below to view all of their listings and historical information for all Florida schools.



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New Service To Help You Find a New Church

There’s a new service online that will help you find a new church when moving to a new area, including Central Florida.

FaithStreet will use the info you provide to help youy locate a church that bests fits your need.


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The Place You Call Home

One of the biggest questions facing us when we decided to make the move was where we wanted to live.  We had narrowed down the city, but needed to decide between renting a house and an apartment.   We selected the apartment, and this post will talk about where we are with that.

One of our readers had commented that it doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you are near Walt Disney World.  Well, not quite.    There are a lot of areas we would never move to, even if it meant being close to the Mouse.    We wanted to live in a similar community setting as we had in Wisconsin, and while Clermont doesn’t quite fit the bill with that, it is a very nice area to live in.

Overall we have been satisfied with our apartment:  the office and maintenance staff are wonderful to work with, and it is nice to live in a place where we don’t need to worry about lawn care, or pool care or pest preventative treatments.  Over the past few months, however, we have been contemplating moving into a rental home due to a few different reasons.  We are hesitant, however, because we have heard horror stories regarding a few rentals here, and we don’t want to move from a good situation into a bad one.  It would also need to make financial sense; ie, we might pay lower rent, but we may have other expenses that we don’t here that would mean an increase in monies paid out.

So right now we’re kind of on the fence about it.  We currently have bad neighbor issues, but we’ve also had that experience when living in a house in Wisconsin, so moving doesn’t necessarily erase that issue.    We also would love more living space, as we lost approximately 700 square feet when we moved here.  We would love to find a four bedroom home here to rent, with the extra bedroom being designated as a guest bedroom/den area/craft room.    We don’t believe the electricity bill would rise significantly with more living space, as we need to run the air conditioner here more often than normal, as all our windows face only one direction, and unless its a fairly cool day, it doesn’t cool off the house significantly with no cross ventilation.

We have no regrets for moving into the apartments, as it provided security for us knowing that we had a relatively nice place to live.  Once we left our house in Wisconsin, we were technically homeless until we arrived in Florida, and that is an unsettling feeling to have, even though we knew it to be temporary.    Even if we do not make the move in 2014, we both feel that it be a change that will eventually occur, as we don’t anticipate apartment living for the rest of our lives in Florida.

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Getting To Know – The Orlando Area

For this installment of ‘Getting To Know’, we have information from our friend Cheryl Perlmutter.  We are thrilled to have Cheryl’s thoughts on the Orlando areas that she and Todd have lived in.  You can learn more about Cheryl at

2007 – Waterford Lakes in East Orlando
While the shopping and dining is great in this area because you are close to the college.  The area has had theft issues, breaking into cars.

2009 – Winter Springs – Rented a house
Lesson learned.  Make sure you see your security into a bank or use a management company.  After 1 year – one day the landlord came and said stop paying me rent and I haven’t been paying my mortgage for the past few months.  I never saw my money back.
I had realtors knocking on my door.
I had some great neighbors though, we lived on a road lined with trees and my neighbor would blow the leaves on the street all the time. 

2010-2012 Winter Springs – Apartment
I picked the place I lived because it accepted my breed of dog I had at the time.  Apartment was growing mold and had large AC bills. 

2012- Present Davenport by the Omni – renting condo using management – http://www.statemanagement.us
Although Todd works in Lake Mary we moved to be closer to our friends and Disney.  I enjoy living here also close to 429.
We have some full time neighbors and some tourists.
It is mostly quiet here.  

There are both small and large synagogues in the Orlando area.

The local Jewish newspaper is the Heritage, http://www.heritagefl.com

For women, we have a few active Hadassah groups in the area.

There is a Kosher hotel by Disney.

Traffic in Orlando stinks.  You never know how I-4 is going to be. 

Shopping is great I enjoy both Winter Garden and Millennia Mall equally.

It’s nice to have Ikea.