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Monday, February 21, 2011

We are sending through an update on where we are with our move.

For those of you following our journey, you may remember that we had set a goal of completely clearing out our basement items by March 31. We are pleased to say that 90% of what we had in the basement is either gone or in the process of being dealt with.  If you had seen how packed our basement was, you would be amazed. We are amazed, really, at the amount of things we had that really were there because we were lazy.  🙂  It’s easier to place things in a box and put in the basement instead of deciding what to do with them.  It really feels great knowing that it’s all gone.

Otherwise we are slowly moving forward.  We had the flu bug visit our household the past couple of weeks; thankfully our unwelcome visitor seems to be finally gone. Last weekend our checking account was compromised; thankfully no funds are missing but we are still working with the bank to get it all straightened out. We have put some items on Craigslist and Ebay, and have made some money, which goes into our piggy bank to help with the move.  However most of our belongings are being donated, either via Freecycle or Goodwill.  We believe strongly in paying it forward and helping others in need.  We are both co-owners of our local Freecycle group; Jen started it in July 2004, and two years later Mark agreed to come aboard as group owner.  We are currently 3,170 members strong, and has proven to be a great resource in our community.  If you are not a member of Freecycle, we encourage you to visit http://www.freecycle.org and join a local chapter.

Mark and Jen

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