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Attitude Makes The Difference!

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As I was browsing through Status Shuffle on Facebook last night, I came across this status:  “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal or an adventure!” Even though I’m sure a move from Wisconsin to Florida was not the intent of whomever came up with that particular status, I realized that it really has become our philosophy.

Every single person who learns of our move says one thing:  “take me with you!”  Some express the sentiment that they could never do that themselves due to various commitments.  Moving across several states can be considered a huge ordeal.  There are so many considerations to think of:  hiring movers, the packing, researching the area, the packing, finding a new home to live in, the packing, and settling the children in schools, just to name a few.  Did we mention the packing?  :=)

As we have mentioned previously, we choose to think of our move as an adventure.  Things are falling into place nicely, but it’s not all a bed of roses.  There are so many uncertainties, such as where will we live, what do we need to pack in the car with us, what if the movers lose some of our boxes?  The packing itself is a huge proposition and not for the weak of heart.  We have given away a lot of our belongings, some we will not miss, some it hurts to give away.  Even though it’s just “stuff”, it’s funny how we can become so emotionally attached to things.  Mayflower has estimated our box quantity as 102 packed boxes; it will be interesting to see how many boxes we end up with.

Overall we are very pleased at the progress we have been making.  Our original goal was to be done with the downstairs by April 18th.  I don’t foresee that happening; the kitchen itself will probably take a couple weeks in itself, and we haven’t started there yet.  We pack as we have time, but we are not in super packing mode yet.  Our goal is to pack one box a day:  some days this happens, some days not.    We however feel very fortunate that we have had so much time to sort through things, discard what needs to be discarded, and put certain items on Ebay/Craigslist/Freecycle.  It ensures that we will be taking only those items that are meaningful to us.

As we approach our 100th day out, we have been working on a special blog post.  Be sure to come back and visit us to check it out!

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