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Follow the journey of a Wisconsin family of 4 who relocated to the Walt Disney World area in July 2011


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Today the number 38 is significant for us.

Why 38?

Because we have 38 boxes packed as of today!   And yes, we counted them, and we not only counted them, but we have an itemized list on the laptop.  It’s all in the details, my friends!

We are slowly moving forward.  Mark found a video on YouTube, which gives a tour of the apartment complex we are most interested in:  The Gardens at Citrus Tower.  We really like what we see, but we still need to wait until the end of May to submit our application and finalize details.

Yesterday it was a beautiful day in Wisconsin, and we took the opportunity to drive to Sheboygan and go by Lake Michigan.  Needless to say, it was significantly cooler by the lake, so we only stayed for a short while, but still managed to snap a photo of the kids:

We also did a little shopping in Kohler, Wisconsin.  We found this fab little lamp that was clearanced down to $20 from $45, and snatched it up.  It will probably end up being a bedroom lamp, but it was just so much to walk around and look at the items and think about how we plan to decorate our new home!


As this post goes through, we have exactly 102 days and 50 minutes until we leave for Florida!  Be sure to check back in two days and check out our fun post for our 100th day out!

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  1. Cute lamp, and kids look happy…looking in the background no one out there. LOL! The Apt complex looks great!

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