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Follow the journey of a Wisconsin family of 4 who relocated to the Walt Disney World area in July 2011

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Craigslist Booty



Plans on the docket for today include finishing up packing and cleaning.  We decided to break open our piggy bank–the one we’ve been putting all our extra money and Craigslist and Ebay winnings into.  We’re here to dispel the myth that Craigslist is not worth the effort, and a few dollars does not make a difference.  We started listing on Craigslist soon after we made the decision to move this summer, and while it can be tedious at times: listing items, responding to emails, waiting for people to come (or not come, as the case may be), and repeating the process over and over again, we are here to say it is well worth the effort.

We expected to have approximately $200- $250 in there.  Our grand total is $382.70!  $346 of this was in bills, and $36.70 in change.  This does not include the $10 we had to “borrow” to give Catie a little extra spending money on her ski trip.  We may also be adding $15, as someone is scheduled to stop by this afternoon and buy our weed whacker.

We’ve decided to keep as many quarters as would fit in an M&M’s tube:  In case you’re wondering, it holds $22 worth of quarters!

The remaining change we will turn into a Coinstar and use to purchase our picnic goodies for our dinner on Friday.

Thanks for following along!  We will try to keep posting smaller updates as they happen. Tomorrow we lose our Charter internet, but we do have the hotspot to keep us connected to the Internet.

Two days!


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Approaching the End

Last week we received a call from our landlord, stating he was going to send us a checklist of things we need to complete if we want to receive our security deposit back.  He called this morning to check to see if we received it, and as of yet, we haven’t.  He then stated he would get it to us soon, but we’re not overly concerned with what’s on it.  This will be the fifth time we’ve moved in thirteen years, and we know what needs to be done, and are working on completing it.  It’s exhausting to say the least, but we are thankful the end is in sight.

Today we pulled all items off Craigslist, except for the lawnmower, and will donate them to Goodwill.  The kids’ mattresses were picked up today, and the television armoire was also picked up today.  Yeah!   Our garbage can and recycle bin are overflowing, as we tried to dispose of as much as we possibly could, so as not to leave the cans full when we leave.  (Pick up is Wednesday morning)

Today was Ben’s last day with Ray* (*name changed to protect privacy).  Ray has been Ben’s therapist since Kindergarten, and he has really helped Ben to grow and mature, and understand his autism.  We have had several therapists come and go in our household, but Ray has always been there for Ben; he has been his steady rock in a world that seemed always changing and unfamiliar at times.  Ben knew that no matter what happened; Ray would always be there for him. Over the years Ray went from being a therapist to one of the family, and really provided that Grandfather presence that Ben lacks.  We are so appreciative of Ray’s devotion to our son; there is no way we could ever express how much it means to us.   And so today, we said good-bye to Ray; there were tears, but Ben handled it really well.  God bless you, Ray, for making a difference in the life of our child.  ♥