Wishes And Pixie Dust

Follow the journey of a Wisconsin family of 4 who relocated to the Walt Disney World area in July 2011



We love getting comments and feedback from our readers on the blog; most are very informative, supportive and help us to make choices that impact our move.  Today, however, we received our first negative comment that suggested we are in copyright violation of a similar blog, The Relocated Tourist.  I quote: “your blog, the format, the widgets, the posts are almost exactly like <it>”.

We will not be posting the comment on our blog, nor identifying the person who left the comment, as we refuse to participate in the drama he or she is attempting to pull us into. It is natural that two families from Wisconsin, moving to the Walt Disney World area would have similar posts in nature, and being that both blogs are hosted by WordPress, the blogs may appear alike in design.

If you are a regular follower of both The Relocated Tourist and Wishes And Pixie Dust, you will recognize that there is no truth to this claim.  We are very cognizant of the fact that our blog is similar, and from the start we have made a concerted effort to keep our content and design original.  We consider Amy and Craig Petermann our friends, and have, in fact, consulted Craig on different aspects of the blog development, and he was more than happy to help out.

This reader has threatened to file complaints with WordPress regarding this matter.  Our response is to do what you feel you must, but first do your research.  The Relocated Tourist documents a family who moved from Wisconsin to Kissimmee, Florida and the blog has a decidedly Disney slant to it, with a focus on the emotional aspects of moving.  Our blog documents our family moving from Wisconsin to Clermont, FL and we intend to keep it focused on pre-move, actual move and post-move experiences we go through, and more informational in nature.  Yes, there are and will be Disney experiences posted about, but it will not focus primarily on this.

Kudos to all our readers who acknowledge this and support us in our blog and with our move.  We know who our true friends are and we love you all.  ♥