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Follow the journey of a Wisconsin family of 4 who relocated to the Walt Disney World area in July 2011

Moving Forward!


Happy Blogoversary to Wishes and Pixie Dust!  It’s been one year since we moved our blog from Blogger to WordPress, and we decided now would be a perfect time to transition our blog from a relocation blog to one more focused on our current life in Florida.  We watched Tangled tonight and at one point in the movie, Rapunzel admits to being scared, wondering what she will do if the lanterns turn out to be everything she hoped they would be.  At this point, Flynn Ryder tells her this is the best part, that she gets to follow a new dream.  We’re not exactly following a new dream, but we thought it would be fun to start sharing here what we’ve been sharing on Facebook:  video and pictures of Walt Disney World as well as other places in Central Florida.  We have plans to purchase annual passes for Sea World and Lego Land this month, as well as visit Gator Land in the near future.

Our purpose is to share our experiences, as it always has been.  We are thrilled that our blog has benefited some of our readers who have since made the move to Florida, or are in the process of relocating in the coming months.   We hope that you all will enjoy the pictures and videos we post; we want to state that this is in no way intended to be a professional blog or an attempt to overshadow a blog currently in existence.  Any resemblance between what we post and what similar blogs post is purely coincidental.  We’re just doing this for fun!

Mark & Jen

3 thoughts on “Moving Forward!

  1. Congrats on your one year WordPress blogoversary 😉 I personally love the feel of WordPress blogs!
    I’ve enjoyed catching up on your relocation journey and look forward to following you with new adventures in your life in FL.
    And hey….with so many Disney related blogs out there…we’re all bound to overlap subjects occasionally!!!

  2. Love your comments on FaceBook. You have been a help. There are times I wonder if we are doing the right thing moving but you never know until you have done it. Moving Van comes March 16……Fla here we come

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