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Baby It’s Hot Outside.

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Okay.  So we’ve been here almost eleven months now.  The average person would assume that we know how to handle the heat at the Disney Parks.  And to a point, we do.  We pack the water, we wear sunscreen and hats, the kids have mister fans, and we duck into air conditioning as much as we can. But it’s still scorching outside.

We need to re-examine how we do the Parks in the summer.  We admit, our biggest mistake is act like tourists and want to do the whole park in a short period of time.  We don’t rush through, but even taking a casual pace will wear one out after a couple of hours.

One of the downsides of being a resident is that you have to pay for your own meals–there’s no dining plan.   It really does make a concerted difference not having that afternoon or evening break, taking in a meal in air conditioning.  And as residents, unless you have gobs of money or seriously extend yourself on credit, you can’t afford to do meals every time you visit a Disney Park.    It’s not a criticism-more of a general observation-but it’s one we really didn’t put much thought into prior to the move.

So we need to learn to slow down, and only do part of the park at a time.  It’s a hard concept to learn, because it is ingrained in us to make the most of every moment at Disney, but we need to remember that we live here now and don’t need to cram it all in one day.  At least for the summertime, anyways.

Just a general reminder that we now have a Facebook group page, Wishes and Pixie Dust, so please look for us there.

Sending pixie dust to y’all and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

One thought on “Baby It’s Hot Outside.

  1. Parks in the heat fill me with dread as a tourist, you have a great opportunity to come up with a different plan of action as residents!!

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