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It’s Not Just About Packing Boxes

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One of the biggest challenges we are facing right now is not packing up the boxes, but finding the best way to dispose of our unwanted furniture and other assorted items.  As you know, we opted not to go the garage sale route, but are using Freecycle and Craigslist, which have their limitations.

Our furniture is not in the best shape, which is why are opting not to sell it (or move it). The difficulty we are encountering with Freecycle is that people initially show an interest, but then fail to respond to the email or fail to show up.  This weekend we are opening our garage up and letting people come and just take what they want, and we’re hoping they will take it all!


Our Craigslist sales have been slow but steady, and we’re very curious as to how much we’ve been able to save using this method.  We think we will break open the piggy on July 20th, as he (the piggy) will get packed.  If you are choosing to sell your items in this way, we recommend starting at least three to four months in advance of your move.  We’ve been able to sell pretty much everything we’ve put on there, but it involves having the right person see it at the right time, which means you’ll need to repost the ad regularly. Craigslist recently did an update, which allows you to renew your posting, instead of deleting it and relisting it; this is definitely a time saver.

Please follow us on Twitter @FondyMark and @jvitek, as we continue to tweet about our progress!  Thanks for following us along; like Tiana sings:  “We’re almost there!”

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