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We love getting comments and feedback from our readers on the blog; most are very informative, supportive and help us to make choices that impact our move.  Today, however, we received our first negative comment that suggested we are in copyright violation of a similar blog, The Relocated Tourist.  I quote: “your blog, the format, the widgets, the posts are almost exactly like <it>”.

We will not be posting the comment on our blog, nor identifying the person who left the comment, as we refuse to participate in the drama he or she is attempting to pull us into. It is natural that two families from Wisconsin, moving to the Walt Disney World area would have similar posts in nature, and being that both blogs are hosted by WordPress, the blogs may appear alike in design.

If you are a regular follower of both The Relocated Tourist and Wishes And Pixie Dust, you will recognize that there is no truth to this claim.  We are very cognizant of the fact that our blog is similar, and from the start we have made a concerted effort to keep our content and design original.  We consider Amy and Craig Petermann our friends, and have, in fact, consulted Craig on different aspects of the blog development, and he was more than happy to help out.

This reader has threatened to file complaints with WordPress regarding this matter.  Our response is to do what you feel you must, but first do your research.  The Relocated Tourist documents a family who moved from Wisconsin to Kissimmee, Florida and the blog has a decidedly Disney slant to it, with a focus on the emotional aspects of moving.  Our blog documents our family moving from Wisconsin to Clermont, FL and we intend to keep it focused on pre-move, actual move and post-move experiences we go through, and more informational in nature.  Yes, there are and will be Disney experiences posted about, but it will not focus primarily on this.

Kudos to all our readers who acknowledge this and support us in our blog and with our move.  We know who our true friends are and we love you all.  ♥

7 thoughts on “Interesting.

  1. If The Relocated Tourist has no problem with your blog then neither should readers! How silly! Of course your blogs will look and feel close in nature! You are talking about like events.

    Good luck on your blog and your move. God speed and blessings.

  2. Oh please! Disney people are drawn to storytelling! The Viteks and the Petermanns are both voicing the pros and cons of the moving process in their own stories. If someone does not like the way you are telling YOUR STORY… don’t follow! I have never met the Petermanns or the Viteks. That said… the voice I hear in the Petermann writing is not the same voice I hear in the Viteks.

  3. Darn it, there goes my idea if we would ever decide to move…of course, we live in Sheboygan and not in the Fox Valley, so it would be totally different 😉

  4. What do you think the basis of that person’s action was? Could it have been done in the protection of a friend, was there a concern of competition, were they feeling threatened or was it an act of hatred? While I don’t care to think too much about any negative comment, initially, when I read this I had to wonder “Why?” What can come of this poisonous drama? This “friend” needs to have faith in Amy and Craig’s blog which is unique. Most of the writing is coming from Amy’s heart, with the exception of writing from Craig or their children which is then from their hearts, and is inspired by her (or their) encounters with life. One has to wonder why this friend thought their blog was in jeopardy of anything. It’s thriving and pulsating with love. Where did this come from? Why now? Did the friend feel that Amy and Craig were not standing up for their rights so this friend took it upon themselves to make such a threat to you and Jen? Or, did the friend feel that you didn’t give credit where credit was due? It seems to me that you said from the beginning that they helped to fuel your already existing dream so I would say credit has been given.
    I read both blogs as they bring different experiences for me. I’m grateful to get any advice as well as support on moving and/or fulfilling my dreams.
    It’s the same reason one would listen to different podcasts on the same topic or visit different discussion forums on the same topic. A person will read more than one blog about eating at Disney World and enjoy what they both have to offer as each creator’s experience will have similarities yet be different. The audiences are also different as your friends and family must enjoy reading your blog, the progress you make, and the effort you’re experiencing for the move. On this level of friends and family, each blog provides offerings to an audience unique to each blog.
    I am a Disney fan. Pioneers, such as Mary Waring, Deb Wills and Pete Werner, inspired others to also feed the Disney-loving public yet they kept their websites strong over the years. There is room for everyone.
    Additional food for thought: My son watches both The Simpsons and Family Guy. Both are raunchy cartoon families. Yesterday, I thumbed through both US Magazine and Star Magazine in which both have some of the same photos but there is always something a little different in each.
    Whatever anyone does, they should do it from love. Feel the love first and then take inspired (in spirit) action from that love. I’ll close in saying that I also read both blogs because they both come from love, with different voices.
    There is much love here, from me, for both of you.

  5. All I can say is keep up the great work & don’t let others bring you down 🙂

  6. Thank you all, for your support. We will continue blogging about our experiences, and we feel there is room for all blogs in and outside the Disney community. We don’t know the basis for the comment, but we have moved beyond it. We embrace 1181 South’s comment and encourage anyone who has a concern with our blog to contact us directly.

  7. 8 days until you move…..8 days until you move….8 days until you move
    am so glad for you

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