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On Our Way

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Our morning started by seeing the representatives from Mayflower walking down our street to the house.  As it turns out, the city had illegally parked a dump truck at the end of our street, blocking the truck from coming.  It was straightened out shortly thereafter:

We were very impressed by how thorough and efficient they were.  Carpets were rolled down to protect the carpets, and the upstairs was emptied of the boxes first and brought downstairs. It took 4 hours to empty the house, and we were given a delivery date of July 30th.  However, the dump truck that blocked them this morning decided to block them this afternoon, and they backed down the street to leave.  It amazed us they were able to do that, given how big the truck was.  Our weight was estimated at 5399 lbs, and we came in at 5200 lbs, so we’ll be getting a small refund back in a couple of weeks.

We had arranged with our landlord to come at 3:00 but apparently there was a miscommunication, and we ended up getting a later start.  We stopped by Nick’s apartment on the way out, to say good-bye:

We decided to start a postcard scrapbook album with the kids.  At every stop we’ll let the kids choose a couple of postcards and when we arrive they’ll have a postcard book of their trip.  They can choose to journal on the back, but even if they don’t, it’s kind of a cool souvenir.

We arrived in Kenosha around 7:00 and after we checked in at our hotel we chose to eat at Hillcrest Family Restaurant.  Ben was just impressed with the service and quality overall (as we all were), and we joked that he should make a commercial for them.  🙂  He was really taken when he saw the following on the menu:

Afterwards we visited Harry & David to pick up some Moose Munch and went into the Pepperidge Farm Outlet Store but didn’t really see anything that jumped out at us, except the bread, of course, but we’re not going to try to transport bread to Clermont….lol

Overall, we think things went fairly well today.  A shout out to Nick and Jessi for helping us with the cleaning and removal of items; without their help we would have been much further behind.  Our car is absolutely packed full, and we’re tired, but it is totally all worth it.

Be sure to follow us tomorrow on Facebook and Twitter as we make our way through Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.

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  1. Mickey Mouse Pancake on the menu is a clear sign you are headed in the right direction 🙂

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